dementia is around us, let’s be part of their fight!
we’re caregiver!

don’t miss our kulon(kuliah online) will start tomorrow, 30 sept 2015 at 7pm
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Dementia is a term used to describe a several loss of mental ability. Dementia is caused by underlying diseases that damage the brain’s tissues. This damage makes it hard for the brain to function correctly and dementia leads to problems like memory loss and confusion are also have the clinical syndrome with many causes.

Today, Faradhibah Nur Aliah as a Top 12 Finalist Ambassador of Public Health AMSA-Indonesia will start to begin her final mission to give a health campaign to people about this generative disease on Taman Macan, Makassar.
So join us to be the “agent of change” to raise people’s awareness about Dementia and be the part of their fight.
#SupportToSurvive #fightForDementia #AMSA-Indonesia

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