Call it up to you

howdy guys !!, this is my first time I writing in english. Hehe, 😀 although I’m still learning. Do you know, when I write this blog, I’m not eat yet, but I feel happy. Maybe I’ve done my short-term and long-term dreams, and I hang up those paper at my wall chamber, so, I can see that everyday and try to reach it. How ‘bout you ??,

actually, I wanna put the picture, but I have to take it, insert into the PC and put at my blog. It’s so complicated, hehe 😀

tonight is so crowded out there. My friends have an exam tomorrow, and her other friends come to ask some handout. Hmm.. it’s like a habit every confront with exam. by the way, this is the one of my short-term dreams, guess what !! yeah, writing blog in English, and I almost done. Hey, this only one paragraph, and I’m so freakin’ desperately, ckckck. I’ve spent my time almost one hour to wrote this short notes. But it doesn’t matter.

Waahhh, after I saw it, not too bad. It just the beginning. And I will make more long notes later. Ok !! see u bye-byeee 😀

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